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Restorative Health Sessions

Restorative Health Circles are where the participants will be guided in the exploration of the 8 Pillars of Wellness, which will be developed through presentations, discussions, and verification. The 8 Pillars of Wellness include Mental, Emotional, Nutritional, Spiritual, Physical, Occupational, Social, and Economical. A short presentation on empirical research, ideologies of proven healer/doctors, and sound biological facts will be shared during the presentation. This presentation will then be followed by the KWL model of critical thinking, which indicate what the participants “know”, what they “want to know”, and what they have “learned”. Throughout the session interactive participation will be encouraged to validate and examine experiences in order to increase retention. OWC will provide a schedule of wellness topics that will be discussed quarterly at the Restorative Sessions via email. The community will be encouraged to share their experiences. There will also be a summation of the material on a shared online database.

Fitting Fitness

Fitting Fitness is a novel concept that “fits” fitness activities into the community members desired preference. The participant will gain exposure to different modalities of fitness which can be the framework to design a customized and diversified fitness program based on the individual skill set. This provides opportunity for maximum enjoyment by the community members, which will help them to facilitate and sustain healthy habits.

W.A.T.E.R. Experience

The Wellness Around The Earth Retreat is the pinnacle of the OWC program which will include a semi annual 5-7 day wellness retreat.  The participants will engage in identifying fresh herbs and plants, wholesome cooking techniques, detox activities, exercise, seminars, and other activities that fall within the wellness pillars. The vision of OWC is to create an environment to experience optimal wellness, harmony and an increased motivation for holistic living.

Students of Wellness Program (SOW)

The SOW program is a series of wellness educational modules designed for the youth; helping to create a sense of critical thinking, personal wellness, and community wellness. We educate on the 8 Seeds of Wellness. Each seed represents a different module. 










The curriculum breaks the seed/module down into two 45 min- 1hr sessions. During the last session, the students will be assigned a deliverable to help promote carryover.


Optimal Wellness Community Building

We help to assemble together communities that are are aware of the multitude of resources available within the community. Tethering communities together with our sessions creates a strong web of communication and awareness. These factors in turn create a safer community. We have a certification process that we typically do with "Block Captains" were we help to build the skills to make good wellness decisions and be able to create spaces of progress for their block. 

Wellness Workshops  

Our OWC Wellness Workshops helps to provide patrons with tools to be able make better decisions in the area of holistic wellness. We have had workshop themes that include "How to Be More Effective", "Conflict Resolution", "How to Manage Stress" and Many More! 

Articles & Resources
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