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         There are growing issues with obesity and chronic illness in society that seek to undermine the potentials of enjoying a healthy, long life. Issues such as increased use of prescription medications, lack of physical activity due to increase technology, limited access to whole un processed foods, and unhealthy emotional management have all contributed to these ills.

Establishing a knowledge base on wellness allows for people to better understand and manage the root cause of their illness or be able to prevent it. Optimal Wellness Community (OWC) creates and nurtures communities of wellness.  Using evidence based thought concerning wellness OWC develops, and reinforces healthy habits of wellness in the community. Participants will learn core principles and be able to refer to personal experiences, which will allow for the principle to be more deeply integrated into their everyday living.

OWC’s program consists of Restorative Sessions, Fitting Fitness, a Community Potluck and a Wellness Retreat.

Our Team

Victor Ferguson 
OTS, Organizer
Candace Mickens
Christina Wingate
Wellness Writer 

Victor has over 10 years in the health and wellness sector as a trainer, wellness coach, and is trained in occupational therapy. He readily researches the newest in wellness studies and performs presentations that are always interactive and informative. He seeks to spread the community model as far as possible to help to improve people's overall health. 

Candace is the owner of Sacred Touch, and has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years with Ubuntu Management Consulting. Her expertise in business helps to guide the organization in maximizing impact. Sacred Touch Bodywork is a evolving wellness hub for all aspects of the body. The foundational services are in the area of massage therapy and bodywork with a focus on Thai Massage which is done fully clothed, on a mat on the floor. Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage is also offered which is on the table with the use of oil or cream. Touch is Sacred is our Mantra.

IG: @sacredtouchbodywork

FB: Sacred Touch Bodywork

Christina Wingate is a Wellness writer for the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. She has a passion for spreading information and accumulating resources on wellness. She is the owner of Moon Leaf Creative LLC which is a company that does reviews for wellness organizations. She is  a valuable member of the team and contributes greatly to our success. 

Our Offerings

Community Resources, Networks, Education!

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower communities to take control of their health and optimize their wellness together. 

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