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Optimal Wellness Community finally provides a place for me to truly share my thoughts and experiences around wellness! I love this!



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Restorative Health Circles and Workshops
Fitting Fitness
Wellness Around The Earth Retreat

Restorative Health Sessions bring the community together for the purpose of exploring specific categories of optimal wellness. An open presentation is given inviting personal accounts relating to the topic as well as supplemental information. Pillars of wellness are established based on the accumulation of information and experiences. 

We also offer a myriad of Wellness Workshops to increase the well-being of your organization. 

Fitting Fitness helps to garner interest in different ways to get active. Participants will be given a variety of fitness challenging activities that change every session. This gives out participants opportunities to find something that appeals to them in order for them to maintain a level of fitness. 

Wellness Around The Earth Retreat facilitates domestic and international trips to allow a change in setting to aide in optimizing wellness. Particpate in powerful seminars, juicing, fun activities, and healthy eating. 

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2453 Maryland Ave 1st fl

Baltimore, MD 21218

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