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Who could have ever imagined that we would social distancing, quarantining, and fighting for the last roll of toilet paper a couple months ago. It speaks volume to the unsuspecting hour. Things can literally completely change in an instant. Stroke victims know this all too well as they rarely show signs prior to the actual stroke. Just like that the can no longer use their right arm. This is a time for assessing the way that we go about life. Are we taking care of ourselves so that are bodies are strong enough to fight off a virus, do we have a plan for the worst case scenario, do we have a community that is willing to support us in our times of need. Traumatic events give an opportunity to truly self-examine and hopefully adjust. Hopefully that adjustment will include making time to cultivate communities that are prepared to deal with the unforeseeable future.  

An important factor to keep in mind during these times is that STRESS LOWERS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEMS EFFECTIVENESS. So even though the last paragraph seemed a little bit dark it was just to make you aware not to scare. This is a great time to practice controlling your mental space by:

-Getting off social media




-Having deep meaningful conversations

Below are some of the Tips to Prevent Spreading and Immunity Support

Tips to Prevent Spreading the Coronavirus

-Elbow bump greeting

-Wear gloves if leaving house

-Don't touch your face if out of house

-Stay inside if possible 

Immunity Support

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